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Implant Services

Did you lose a tooth and  have the gap in your smile? We offer dental implants, an effective and permanent way to replace your lost tooth.

Sleep Dentistry

We offer sedative dentistry to help alleviate anxiety and give a chance to our phobic patients to undergo various dental procedures.

Invisalign / Clear Aligners

Most adults want to have straight teeth without braces. Invisalign is the ideal alternative for such patients.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and  show up between 17 years and 25 years and are spotted on X-rays.

Perio Surgery

Infected gums can be very painful and could be a symptom of other more serious health issues such as periodontal disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We strive to offer you an outstanding smile makeover that gives you that natural-looking, pearly white, straight smile you crave.

Pine Valley Dentistry Your Cosmetic Dentist In Woodbridge & Vaughan

Oral health is paramount to your image and your overall lifestyle. The Pine Valley Dental team understands the busy schedule of most Canadians and appreciates the fact that everyone has a unique preference or taste when it comes to oral care. This is why we offer a broad range of general oral care services, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implant services. Our professionally-trained, experienced dentists offer efficient dental care while extending personalized dental services in an inviting atmosphere.

Patients who visit Pine Valley Dentistry are treated with a complete oral health care approach. We educate them on their dental health and how it is impacting their overall well-being. Depending on the specific dental issue they could be battling with, we treat it to heal and improve these conditions. Finally, we focus on improving your smile and overall function of your teeth. 

Did you know that your mouth plays a key role in maintaining good health? It is the entry point to your respiratory and digestive tracts. Accumulating scientific evidence reveals that improper oral care can cause heightened inflammation in your mouth and other organs linked to it. Your overall health is just as important as good dental health and a beautiful smile. 

Speaking, eating, and the initial part of digestion take place in your mouth. It is also where your first impression – smile – is made. These are some of the main reasons you should pay attention to your dental health. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we offer you a chance to implement the most effective healthcare practices.


Your Family Dentist in Vaughan

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All Dental Specialties Under One Roof

As licensed dentists in Woodbridge, Kleinburg, and Vaughan, we work with our patients to help them achieve and maintain healthy gums, teeth, and a beautiful smile. Ultimately, we are committed to improving your overall dental health. We specialize in the provision of the most up-to-date dental services. Our general dentistry services cover a broad range of treatment options, including dental bridges, dental crowns, dental cleaning, emergency dental care, and oral cancer screening. We also offer children dentistry services, dental extractions, and dental fillings. 

Patients battling with gum problems can count on us for gum disease treatment and treatment options for gum bleeding, gum recession, and wisdom teeth removal. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we know the importance of an outstanding first impression. That’s why we work tirelessly to brighten our patients’ smiles. Our dentists can correct misaligned, chipped, and stained teeth.


Top-rated Dental Tech

Cutting edge tech in modern dentistry is transforming the level of health care dental treatments can offer. Pine Valley Dentistry’s state of the art facility uses the latest and effective oral healthcare techniques to deliver exceptionally, personalized dental services to patients. From laser dentistry equipment to the most recent instruments in periodontics and endodontics, our dentists have access to technology that makes different dental procedures safer, faster, and more comfortable for a patient.

Our dentists and other facility personnel are trained and certified. They also adhere to the highest standards of healthcare services delivery and patient safety. We use low exposure digital radiography, biocompatible materials that are safe for the patient’s body, amalgam-free fillings, and other oral care products and equipment that meet the set health standards. Our equipment sterilization practices are stringent and highly reliable to avoid any form of contamination

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Spa-Like Experience for Kids

Oral care for children begins at infancy. Let the dentists at Pine Valley Dentistry introduce your little angels to the world of oral health care without the anxiety that you may have experienced when you were young. Gentleness is our mantra as we know that new experiences might scare even the stoutest of hearts. Our dentists ensure that your kids’ dental health is taken care of in the most comfortable way using reliable behavioral methods such as ‘show-and-tell.’ This creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere for extra squirmy kids.

Senior-Friendly Oral Healthcare Services

Pine Valley Dentistry also welcomes seniors and provides senior discounts on many dental procedures. We have dentists with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating the unique dental needs of elderly people’s aging teeth and gums. Depending on the patient’s medical conditions and needs, our oral healthcare experts formulate a treatment plan that lets the patient keep their teeth healthy for a long time.

Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

Dr. Maher Naji

Dr. Maher Naji

Looks forward
to treating your dental needs ?

25 years of Experience

Twenty five years
of experience in dental surgery

Member of the AGD

of General Dentistry

Member of the AAID

Academy of Implant Dentistry

Dr. Maher Naji has more than twenty five years of experience in dental surgery. He successfully completed the American and Canadian board certification. Dr. Maher Naji successfully completed one year of extensive training in the field of Implant Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia. He then completed a comprehensive training maxi-course program in oral rehabilitation and received his training and certification in intravenous sedation and advanced cardiac life support. Dr. Maher Naji is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and has completed different courses in the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, endodontic therapy for root canals, periodontal surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, and Invisalign orthodontic clear aligners.

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Meet Our Dentist in Woodbridge Best Cosmetic Dentist

Pine Valley Dentistry is a reputable oral healthcare service provider in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, and other cities in Ontario, Canada. We offer a broad range of dental, therapeutic, and cosmetic oral care services to children, young adults, and seniors.Helping Canadians is what we do, but with compassion. We are dedicated to offering excellent dental care for you and your family. For many years, we have been serving patients in Kleinburg, Woodbridge, and Vaughan. The quality of the services we offer and how we interact with our patients have made Pine Valley Dentistry a name that Canadians can trust and confide in.

We understand that kids should develop acceptable dental care practices early in life. This is why our pediatric dental services focus on providing a unique environment that’s supportive and educative for kids and their parents or guardians.Additionally, we believe your smile and that of your loved ones should look its best at each stage in life. Whether your teenager needs sports guard services or your grandpa needs an effective treatment for gum recession, you can count on Pine Valley Dentistry for outstanding oral healthcare services.


Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

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