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Wisdom Teeth Removal Woodbridge & Vaughan

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and are located at the back of your mouth. They often show up between 17 years and 25 years and are spotted on X-rays. Over the past few centuries, the human jaw has been undergoing a transformation – a considerable decrease in size. But teeth haven’t changed. That means not everyone has enough space in their mouth for every last wisdom tooth that erupts at puberty or early 20s.

Many people get their earliest wisdom teeth to erupt at the age of 16 to 24 years. In case there is insufficient room for this new set of teeth to grow properly, you may experience a few dental issues. For instance, the tooth might remain impacted and stay dormant inside the bone. For some people, this could be painless. In others, the dormant wisdom tooth could develop into an infection or cyst.

If the wisdom tooth erupts, but there’s insufficient space, it will push the molars. This could result in root resorption and consequential loss of the molar it becomes. Besides, it could decay the adjacent teeth, tipping off the adjacent teeth, or erupt in an uncomfortable position. These issues could affect your overall biting and speech.

Erupting wisdom tooth

In some cases, the erupting wisdom tooth may be able to only ‘peek out’ of your gum because there is no enough room for it to grow. That means you will find it very challenging to clean it as your toothbrush cannot reach the area below your gums. This makes you more susceptible to bacterial infection.

Wisdom teeth issues are facing

No matter the wisdom teeth issues you are facing, Pine Valley Dentistry is ready to help you address them. Before wisdom tooth extraction, our dentists will explore other options to ensure that you don’t lose any of your precious pearly white teeth. If tooth extraction is the only option, these dentists have many years of experience and access to outstanding technology to make the entire procedure as painless as possible.

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Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Patients suffering from any of the following issues might experience pain and discomfort. This is why it’s best to consider having their wisdom teeth removed.

  • The wisdom tooth has caused shifting of other teeth
  • The wisdom tooth is partially covered by the gum or appears to erupt at an angle
  • The gum tissue below the wisdom tooth is in front or painfully affected
  • The wisdom teeth are challenging to keep clean because of positioning issues

At Pine Valley Dentistry, we take pride in a team of highly experienced dentists. These experts have a wealth of knowledge and necessary skills to make wisdom tooth extractions safe, effective, and comfortable for the patients. They use top-of-the-line dental equipment and technologies to offer outstanding dental care.

When you visit our dental care facility, you can expect to get affordable wisdom tooth extraction services without compromising on your comfort and overall well-being. Our dentists use various approaches to ensure that the patient is comfortable during the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, contact us.



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Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

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