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Permanent Removable Dentures Woodbridge & Vaughan

Many patients choose removable dentures for many reasons. First, removable dentures are less invasive compared to the permanent ones. They don’t require mini-dental implants, and that means the procedure is affordable. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we ensure you get dentures that are a perfect fit for you at an affordable price.


Do I Need Permanent Dentures?

Well, permanent dentures are somewhat healthier, can offer you an instant facelift, and are an attractive alternative to broken or missing teeth. Many of our patients often ask whether removable or permanent dentures are appropriate for their teeth. At Pine Valley Dentistry, it has always been our passion to help patients to restore, improve, and maintain their dental health by providing custom dental care solutions tailored to their needs. This is why we offer both options for dentures. Both permanent and removable dentures have benefits and downsides.

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The Benefits of Permanent Dentures

Most people consider permanent fixed dentures as a long-term solution. This is because they are highly effective and are supported by professionally-placed implants. Unlike removable dentures that replace the visible section of the tooth, permanent dentures are meant to replace the tooth root and the visible portion of the tooth.

Accumulating scientific evidence shows that fixed dentures improve the patient’s facial structure and minimize the risk of bone loss.

Are Dentures the Right Option for Me?

The primary goal of dentures, whether removable or permanent, full or partial, is to replace the patient’s missing teeth. The specific type of dentures that is right for you depends on many factors. Visit our dental care facility, and our dentist will discuss with you various options and provide you with the information tailored to your specific dental situation in a hassle-free consultation session. Depending on your budget and your dental care needs, our dentist will give you some options.

Note that it might take a few weeks for the patient to get used to dentures, but they will eventually settle. Throughout the course of your lifetime, should you opt for removable dentures, your dentist will recommend that you get them re-made, re-based, or relined due to wear and tear as your mouth changes with age. This is the primary reason it is recommended for patients who use dentures to visit our dental care facility for annual checkups. 

Dentures may break, crack, become loose, or chip due to an accident or other circumstances. If this happens, don’t try to adjust them on your own. Instead, visit Pine Valley Dentistry to get your dentures fixed or replaced. Our dentists are always available and dedicated to helping our patients, whether it is an emergency dental case of its regular checkup sessions.



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Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

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