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Dental Implants Woodbridge & Vaughan

Did you lose a tooth and still have the gap in your smile? Pine Valley Dentistry offers dental implants, a highly effective and permanent way to replace your lost tooth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root positioned in the patient’s jawbone to fill the invisible gap left by the roots of the lost tooth. This artificial root can anchor a new tooth to a new artificial tooth to complete your smile.

At Pine Valley Dentistry, we recommend dental implants, particularly for patients seeking a definitive prosthetic solution that grants them the freedom to chew and smile as they did in the past. These implants can be utilized in a broad range of prosthetic needs such as:

  • Replacement of multiple missing teeth
  • Improving the retention of dentures
  • Replacement of a missing tooth
  • Replacing an entire dental arch

Whether you intend to replace one tooth or multiple missing teeth, the implant-supported prosthesis lasts a lifetime, particularly when well taken care of. They are also naturally-feeling teeth replacement. At Pine Valley, we give you an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure you had smiling and laughing with your family and friends.

What’s Bone Grafting?

Some patients, particularly those who have lost their pearly white teeth for a long time, often have insufficient quantity and quality of jawbone. That means our dentists must ensure augmentation to offer a solid foundation before implantation is performed.

Bone grafting is necessary to replace jawbone lost after you lost tooth or teeth. This process also promotes bone growth in that area of your jaw. This facilitates the desired development and allows the dentist to place the right size and shape of the implant to support the replacement tooth prosthesis.

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Benefits of Immediate Dental Implants

Dental implants come with many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Minimal discomfort and recovery time
  • Easy maintenance
  • More affordable
  • Strengthens the patient’s jaw bone
  • Patience to eat a broader range of foods

With an immediate tooth replacement approach, the patient will never have to worry about the dentures that slip while they eat or speak. Besides, the patient can regain the self-confidence that they lost when their teeth first began to deteriorate. Dental implants are a revolutionary new procedure that allows patients to take pride in a functional and beautiful smile that has been custom crafted to address the unique dental related needs.

The dentists at Pine Valley Dentistry have a broad range of options to offer our patients if they recently lost teeth. Keep in mind that replacing missing teeth is important when it comes to avoiding severe long-term dental health problems. As such, our dentists usually recommend dental implants to patients looking for a long-term option to replace a lost tooth. 

Before the implantation process begins, the dentist must ensure that you are a perfect candidate for the procedure. These experts are dedicated to offering you safe, effective dental implant treatments. If you reside in Woodbridge, Vaughan, or Kleinburg, you can pay our dentists a visit and let them address all your questions and concerns that you may have about our dental implant services. 


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Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

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