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Dental Fillings Woodbridge & Vaughan

Modern dentistry enables dentists to combine strength and beauty when it comes to a dental filling. These restorations are close to your original teeth appearance and strength. During a dental filling procedure, the patient’s safety and comfort are always our dentists’ priority. Therefore, patients can be assured of a positive experience.


Safer, Amalgam-Free Dental Filling

Generally, dental fillings are effective in restoring a patient’s teeth appearance, health, and function. The dentists at Pine Valley Dentistry use different materials to strengthen patients’ teeth and prevent further decay. Several years ago, amalgam and mercury were commonly used in restorative dental procedures. Today, the dental world has evolved, and dentists have access to better alternatives such as composite resins, which offer a more natural look while improving the overall function of the restored teeth. This material is widely used in a broad range of clinical applications.

Count on our Dentists for the Right Dental Restorations

The dentists and dental hygienists at Pine Valley Dentistry consider many factors before recommending any restoration procedure. They will only perform the most suitable procedure and use the proper material to successfully restore the function and form of your teeth. Whether you need a lab fabricated indirect restoration or direct restoration, you can count on our timely, safe, and reliable dental services delivered by certified dentists with a wealth of relevant knowledge.

What are the benefits of amalgam-free dental filling?

Accumulating scientific evidence has revealed that amalgam-free dental fillings don’t produce harmful chemicals in the patient’s body. Also, it doesn’t cause darkening, staining, and unsightly of teeth. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we use BPA-free products that have proven to be safe for both humans and the environment.

Besides, amalgam-free dental fillings beautifully recreate your damaged teeth and are natural-looking. They can be customized to match the patient’s natural teeth. Our dentists use dental filling options that need minimal removal of your tooth structure to keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong.

Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices


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Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

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