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Orthodontics for Children

Orthodontics For Children Woodbridge & Vaughan




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Orthodontics For Children Woodbridge & Vaughan

If your kid has a misaligned jaw or crooked teeth, visit Pine Valley Dentistry. We offer orthodontics for children. Our orthodontists specialize in restoring and perfecting kids’ smiles using a broad range of orthodontic appliances. Some of these appliances include retainers, bands, wires, brackets, clear aligners, and more.


Visit Pine Valley Dentistry for Interceptive Treatment

If your child is six years old to 10 years, our dentists might recommend interceptive care to reverse dental malformations such as crossbites. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we also provide comprehensive treatment options for children whose adult teeth are erupting. This often happens at the age of 12, and we can recommend various orthodontic treatments such as braces that act by repositioning the teeth and jaws gradually into the desired level of alignment.

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Are Orthodontic Treatments Important?

When children reach the age of seven years, most of them have a combination of adult teeth and baby teeth. Our dentists can perform an evaluation to uncover any dental issues that could be addressed early, and no surgeries are necessary. That means orthodontics for kids facilitates the following:

  • Enhance the kid’s smile by creating sufficient space for crowded teeth
  • Guide and correct the development of your kid’s permanent teeth
  • Correct various habits such as minor speech challenges and thumb sucking
  • Prevent the future need for permanent teeth extractions

Before implementing any orthodontic treatment, our dentists first evaluate different factors such as the current teeth alignment and offer the best possible treatment option. Remember, Pine Valley Dentistry is dedicated to making sure that your child grows up with a perfect smile, pearly white teeth, and grows into teenage and adulthood, knowing the right oral healthcare practices. You can rely on our pediatric dentists to address any dental health issues that your child might be facing.

Does My Kid Need Orthodontic Treatments?

It is imperative to keep a keen eye for signs that your child needs orthodontic treatment. At Pine Valley Dentistry, we encourage guardians and parents to bring their kids to our dental care facility for regular dental checkups. During these visits, a dentist will have an opportunity to take note of any signs of dental issues.

If your child is experiencing any of these issues, visit Pine Valley Dentistry. We offer in-depth orthodontic evaluations for children to identify all the signs of dental issues that might require orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, parents assume that thumb sucking is normal. However, it may have a lasting impact on the child’s overall dental health. By seeking early treatment, you can give your kid a beautiful, healthy smile.

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